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These are our Quarter horses that we use for work, breeding and play. Some of them are old timers that will never leave the farm and others still work everyday and bring in the dough. Our race bred quarter horse mares that we use for breeding are listed here as well. Be sure to check out the stories and acheivements of these horses. Some have participated in making movies, been on magazine covers, and others are noteable figures around the area. Some of them are barrel racing horses, pole bending horses, outriding horses, pickup horses and will go in harness. These horses are not for sale at this time.

Master Jolly

Master Jolly

Masters Touch

Easy Jet

Jet Deck

Lena's Bar

Go Maggie Go

Go Man Go

Maggie McGowan


Tiny Charger

Depth Charge

Clabber Tiny

Jolly Copper

Lewis' Mass Ofcopper

Jolly Popper

1985 gray quarter horse gelding

Master Jolly is currently being used as an outriding horse at Turfway Park. He might be 19 years old but he still has the get up and go to catch a loose Thoroughbred race horse. Click here to see him on magazine covers and to watch him in action catching a loose horse.

grade quarter horse gelding
1989 sorrel grade gelding

Trigger is a pickup horse deluxe. He is a grade horse but his looks and talent make up for it. He is 16.1 and has a flaxen mane and tail. He is currently being used as an outriding horse at Turfway Park.  Click here to see him at work.

Jets Jitterbug
bay quarter horse gelding

Jets Jitterbug

Mr Jet Bug

Jet Deck

Moon Deck

Miss Night Bar

Lady Bug Scooper

Scooper Chick

Lady Lasan

That's Pepcaren

That Pep's Boy

That's My Boy


Jitterbug Jean

Angelo Sandy

Jean Fe

1980 bay quarter horse gelding

Jet's Jitterbug is the senior citizen in our barn but you would never know that because he doesn't act his age. He still loves to get out and do his job. Look for him at the Great Lake Circuit Finals Rodeo in Louisville, KY as Randy Schmutz uses him to announce off of.  Click here to see him at work in the rodeo arena and on the race track.

Devil Deck Twist
sorrel quarter horse gelding

Devil Deck Twist

Ole Jet Devil

Jet Deck Second

Jet Deck

My Baby Face

Ole Sharon

The Ole Man

Twistina Gill

Bonnie T Bars

Half Moon Bars

Vee Bars

Media Luna Vee

Teddy Star


Miss Memphis

1983 sorrel quarter horse gelding

2002 IBRA 3D Kentucky State Champion.

Devil has many skills. He runs barrels, poles, jumps, does trail, works cattle and goes in harness. He has a ROM in barrels, poles and trail.  Click here to see him at work with no bridle and to see his acheivements.

The Horse

A horse is more than what we see, He is devotion and a mystery, He is work, a pleasure and a companion too, He is heart and soul of the things we do. He is history, a legend, a part of our past, He is our future understanding, of lives we cast. He is grace, he is style, he is soft and kind. He calms nerves, and helps unwind. He is comical, an acrobat with a touch of ballet. He is wind. He is courage in more than one way. He is security, with honesty he holds no lies, With unspoken thoughts behind his eyes. A challenge for us to fully understand, The life and bond between horse and man.
A Kathy Moss

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