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Kentucky Rodeo

Most people see the rodeo from the bleachers. They come with their families to see all the action. Everyone loves to see a cowboy get bucked off or ride a bronc flawlessly for eight seconds. The kids love the clowns and all their hilarious stunts. They come for the bullriding which some say is the most dangerous part of rodeo. But they never see the people behind the scenes, the ones that make the rodeo run smoothly.

My husband (Coy) is a pickup man. He makes sure that the cowboys that make the eight second whistle get to the ground safely. It can get a little rough in his position and it takes instinct and good pickup horses to get the job done right. When a cowboy is hung up it is up to the pickup man to break him free the safest and quickest way possible. His instinct will show him the way. His pickup horse will be there for him no matter how tight the situation might be.

The cowboys know what it means to have good pickup men out in the arena with them. I'm sure each cowboy has his own story to tell about a good pickup man that saved him from disaster. So next time your at a rodeo, don't stop watching the action when the eight second whistle blows. Watch the pickup men do their job and give them their rightful applause as well.

Coy is on the right and his partner (David) is on the left. Catching a saddle bronc to return him to the stripping chute.

Pulling the flank strap. Putting a bronc near the fence so the cowboy can move safely to the pickup horse.

Picking up a bareback rider. Just hanging out waiting for the Grand Entry.

Rodeo Wife

Daddy said "girl, listen up, someday you'll understand"

it takes a strong woman, 

to bring out the BEST in a man"

Then momma added something else,

she thought that I should know, She said...

"sometimes, girl, it's hard to be strong,

when his first love is RODEO..

I guess you'll have to live it tho..

to REALLY understand, true meaning to the words..


cuz when the life he leads is Rodeo,

the road he travels, rough..

no matter just how rocky, he NEVER gets enough,

you cross your fingers when the chute gate opens...

hope for the highest score, listen to his re-ride stories,

rub his arm when its sore...

You always stand beside him, 

when life puts you to the test...

and even when he doesn't place,

you still tell him he's the BEST!!
1990 Coyote Cowgirl Co

Longhorn M

John & Gretchan McCoy

515 Old Nelsonville Rd

Boston, KY 40107



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